About Us

At Hishiki we offer specialized translation services for specific industries and needs. Our translation services support overseas expansion in fields such as trading, finance, securities, investment fund operation, insurance and real estate.

Our experience in multi-language translation and DTP covers many years. Specializing in multi-language company brochures, websites, AR reports, environmental/sustainability reports and PR and IR for listed companies, we offer services that range from translation to creation of print data.

As Japanese businesses expand into China, we have also begun offering translation at reasonable prices in specialized fields such as corporate finance and accounting, securities, insurance and law. We offer full translation support for the Chinese language, including translation of presentations, technical documents in various fields, and internal documents.

Proactive, multi-language translation support is also available for Japanese companies expanding into Southeast Asian markets. In particular, we offer strong support for languages such as Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

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Management Philosophy

We approach our work from the client’s standpoint, focusing on client needs. We provide quality translation, when the client needs it, and as soon as the client needs it. Our management philosophy is to be better, faster and more client-centric than the competition. We believe a translation company should provide services above and beyond expectations. We will pursue company growth, while also contributing to the maximization of our clients’ profits.

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Corporate Vision

Our aim is to be a dedicated translation company, with a network of highly trained professionals, specializing in multi-language business services in Japan. From multi-language translation to document creation, our products and services will offer a meticulous level of added value.
As we contribute to international society, we want our clients to recognize Hishiki Corporation as a one of a kind translation company!

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Company overview

Company name Hishiki Corporation
Representative Saburo Hishiki, Representative Director
Established April 1970

1001 Dia-Palace Nishi-Gotanda,

8-1-7 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
141-0031 Japan
TEL: +81-3-6431-9334
FAX: +81-3-6431-9335

Capital \24 million

Translation/creation of multi-language company reports, AR reports, environmental/sustainability reports, etc.

Translation/creation of product manuals, catalogs, etc.

Translation/creation of multi-language sightseeing guides, etc.

Translation of technical documents, medical documents, contracts, in-company regulations, etc. for overseas use

Translation in specialized fields such as finance, accounting, securities, insurance and law

Translation in fields such as industrial science and technology, electricity and electronics, machinery, automotive, IT, and telecommunications

Translation in fields such as infrastructure, energy and the environment

Translation in fields such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical machinery, chemistry, biotechnology, health foods and nursing

Multi-language translation of websites for the Southeast Asian market

Localization of multiple-language web contents, etc.

Creation of foreign language Mac and Windows DTP files

Planning, translation and creation of foreign language publications

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1001 Dia-Palace Nishi-Gotanda,
8-1-7 Nishi-Gotanda, 8-1-7 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
141-0031 Japan
TEL: +81-3-6431-9334
FAX: +81-3-6431-9335
JR Yamanote Line: 10 minutes from Gotanda Station West entrance.
Tokyu Ikegami Line: 1 minute from Osaki-Hirokoji Station.
Toei Asakusa Line: 10 minutes from Gotanda Station Exit A1.

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