Since our founding in 1970, Hishiki Corporation has adapted to the changing times. As multi-language translation and DTP professionals, we have diligently supported the globalization of our clients.

At Hishiki we have supported our client’s translation needs for over 40 years. Specializing in English, Chinese and Korean, we offer high-quality multi-language translations created by experienced language specialists.

We also offer translation and DTP services in Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and other languages.

In particular, with Japanese businesses expanding into Southeast Asia in recent years, we have strengthened our Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Tagalog capabilities. We handle projects comprehensively across multiple languages, from translation to document creation.

With first-rate translation professionals and meticulous proofreaders, we provide fast, high-quality translations that meet exacting client standards.


We translate critical documents in highly specialized fields, including finance, securities, accounting and law.


We offer high-speed translation of general documents, at low costs designed to meet client budgets. We can cover all general translation needs, with discount services also available.


Using carefully selected, professional native translators, we can supply reliable multi-language translations. Discount services are also available.



Combining professional translators and skilled DTP specialists, we offer multi-language translation and DTP services with a quick turnaround unavailable at other companies.

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Our Strengths


    We are translation company pioneers, with a select team of the foremost translation professionals.


    Full quality and cost controls allow us to offer translation services at the same level as the industry’s best-known companies, at just 1/3 the price.


Though our members are carefully selected, we are still able to offer high-speed, simultaneous translation and DTP services across as many as 24 languages.


    Combining skilled translation and DTP specialists (with extensive experience and specialized knowledge), we can also handle hand-made corrections, in time with our client’s tight deadlines.


    We have a comprehensive proofreading and editing system in place, and respond in-depth to client questions and concerns, offering multiple proposals whenever necessary.


We provide a meticulous lineup of services, and can cover complex projects even when other translation companies cannot.